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My Story

Healthy food doesn't have to be hard and complicated. Many ready-to-eat foods that you purchase from the grocery store have tons of unnecessary and unhealthy additives.

I'm taking the hard out of food. I'm taking the complication out of food. I am using basic, simple ingredients to create a healthier alternative for those who want a better option.

University educated in Nutrition, choosing healthy alternatives and substitutes that still taste great comes easy to me!

Food, nutrition and health have always been on the forefront of my interests and eating healthy is my passion. You get out what you put in, and food is fuel. Feed yourself well and your body will thank you.

I have extensive knowledge about eating restrictions and understand the importance of having gluten-free, dairy-free, and low sugar alternatives available!

I am Commercial Food Handler certified and have been educated through both experience and University curriculum about safe food preparation. I have a sweet tooth but also really enjoy how I feel when I eat healthy so I have been creating healthy options for years!

I aim to take the thinking out of dessert for you. I want to share my healthy options with the community.


I use locally sourced ingredients when possible. Fresh farm eggs are a staple in my baking.

With the exception of my dairy free items, I use butter for all of my recipes instead of margarine.

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)

I focus on a healthier dessert. Dessert can still be sweet and savory without ingesting all the unhealthy things that come along with artificially colored, refined sugar sweetened and full of unhealthy oils that come along with ready to eat treats.

My first choice for my ingredients in locally sourced however given the difficulty of finding some of the ingredients this isn't always possible. I prefer to use Canadian sourced products, and organic if possible.

I like to avoid artificial coloring and flavouring (my vanilla is natural and pure from Mexico), and like to use whole foods as sweeteners instead of refined sugars.


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