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We do Fundraising!

Are you looking for a HEALTHY option for fundraising? 


We do fundraising that is EASY for you! 

Proceeds from the sales go towards your fundraising campaign, and the bars are delivered to you- made and labelled!  


Why our bars? 

- healthy, WAY better than the 'frozen cookie dough' or 'frozen pizza' fundraisers

- PERFECT for those with dietary restrictions. No soy, no dairy, no gluten, and no preservatives means that you reach a larger market of people who can eat the bars! 

- high fundraising margins

- compact product (doesn't take up much room at all! 9 bars fit in a 4" by 2" by 4" box!)

- fundraise WITH the product in stock (pre-purchase the bars) OR fundraise and order only the amount of product that you sell - YOUR choice! 



Email me at [email protected] for more information!


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